Monday, April 15, 2013

The Reply - Downtown Soul

After my feature of "Quitty and The Don't,"(Who "The Reply" will be playing with in Toronto soon) I received a rather nice e-mail from James Bond, no, not that one but it did leave me shaken and stirred!
James plays Keyboards and sings in Toronto based  Mod/Soul outfit The Reply who have a fantastic sound, like a mash up of The Turtles, Them, early Manfred Mann and Arthur Connoly on speed!
They very kindly sent me a copy of "Downtown Soul" their Debut EP which is fantastic, encompassing the feeling of 60's America and beyond, anyway, I am not going to teach you lot to suck eggs, you know what's great, have a listen and see if I m wrong.....I don't think so!!!!!

In a musical landscape where almost everything is referential it's hard to acknowledge a deep musical heritage without becoming nostalgic or appropriative. Trying to copy a sound misses the point: great soul is not a guitar sound, an organ sound, or a bassline. Great soul was, is, and will be as innovative and varied as any genre, growing and changing through every artist. And so great soul just *is*... if you love soul music, you know when you're hearing something soulful. It doesn't have to have horns; it doesn't have to not have a guitar solo. It's a feeling. It lifts you. It speaks to your heart and moves your body.

The Reply are about this idea of music, and have the pedigree to do it. Each member has 10+ years of performing, recording, and touring under their belts. The Reply knows how to play and they know how to be a band.

Carl Nanders (bass, vocals)
James Bond (keys, vocals)
Freek Ace (guitar, vocals)
Dr. Twist (drums)

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(Also some free tracks here to download)

More info here: Reverbnation 

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