Friday, April 5, 2013

The Shade - Born Too Soon

I first heard about this band at the recent "March Of The Mods"tour, in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust, in Brighton, unfortunately, due to a tyre blow out on my car and discovering that the spare in the boot was the wrong wheel, I arrived at the venue late and missed their set.
It must have been some set though as the venue was really buzzing and several friends of mine that had caught the set were really raving about them to me.

The Past Tense took to the stage and dedicated one of their songs to The Shade and said, "I hope you like it."  To which the guy standing next to me (who turned out to be The Shade's singer) said, "Like it, I'm gonna f***ing dance to it too!" and so he and another band member from The Shade did, and they gave it all, no shuffling around, they were jumping about and really having fun.  I caught up with them later and said I was sorry I missed the set and they very kindly bestowed upon me a CD and a button badge, on my return to Sweden the next day I put the cd in the stereo and you know, they play just like they danced!

 This is one of the most exciting young bands to come onto the mod/power pop scene, young, full of energy, passion and dedication (they travelled 300 miles to play the one show AND for charity!)  
Singer Callum Grimshaw has a voice that for me sits somewhere between that of Stairs frontman Edgar Summertyme, Steve Marriot and Paul Weller, and once again full of passion in the delivery of each and every word sung.  Of course, this is all backed by three very able bandmates in the form of Nathan Griffiths on guitar,  Josh Greenwood on drums and Jordan Hunt on bass who drive the music along with all the power you would expect from a young, supercharged band.

I have a feeling that we will be seeing these guys a lot more in the future and judging from the buzz they charged the Volks Tavern venue with, I would suggest that you go see them live if you get the chance, be sure to check your tyres before you set off! 


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  1. BRILLIANT BAND,full of energy,totally blew the roof off March of the Mods in Brighton,set the bar high for the rest of the night.Great lads too,buy the cd now is a bloody great listen
    Andy (The Past Tense)