Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quitty and The Dont's - All Of You.

Hailing from Brooklyn New York, Quitty and The Dont's deliver some extremely tasty slices of 60's Garage Pop, these guys have to be one of the best bands out there playing this style, sure it is retro, but there is a reason that these bands, and many of them young, keep playing this music, is because it is simply brilliant!

The three tracks that these guys have up on Bandcamp are all equally superb, organ driven beauties to behold and at a "name your price" fee, you have to ask yourself, can you afford not to have them, which I will answer for you, NO, you can't!  And, if like me, you love your vinyl, that band will be releasing 2 of these tracks on a 7" single in May.

"Sometimes the most trivial of pursuits can spiral into an intense labor of love. Inspired by both the classic mod sound of early Kinks and the gritty revivalism of Billy Childish and Thee Headcoatees, drummer Quitty Bastardo set out in 2009 to form a basic 3-piece, all-girl garage band. This primitive conception of Quitty and the Don'ts didn't last long, however, as Quitty began collaborating with keyboardist Nogood Nick in early 2010, and Mike Q. joined on lead guitar later that year. With a more stable lineup, the band's signature sound emerged: urgent but soulful garage pop with dispassionate lyrics, driven by angular beats, layers of moody organ, and stabbing guitar lines.

After a year-long break, Quitty, Mike, and Nick reformed the Don'ts in 2012 with bassist Matt M., and vocalist Jordan D. Arsie completed the lineup in the summer of that year. Digging deeper into mod R&B and beat influences, the new quintet began playing shows in the fall and have recently recorded their first singles."

Stream and download the tracks here: Bandcamp

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For enquires regarding the 7" single, contact the band here:

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  1. Wow, great stuff here. I live in NYC and if I ever see that these guys are playing anywhere around town, I will definitely go see them.