Thursday, May 9, 2013

Singles round up, featuring: Tree House Society, The World Service, Weird Mob and The See No Evils.

A really lovely jangly 3 track EP from Italian Power Poppers "Tree House Society" currently hanging out on "Melody Hill" and having a party as the songs on this single confirm.

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The World Service are from Camden in London and offer up music in a similar vein to Interpol and The National, but in my opinion, much better.  Generation is the first single from the bands 2nd EP "Hideaway."

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Is this a mini album or an Extended Play single?  Not really sure but I am sure that it is a really great piece of synth driven pop from married librarians Dave Gibson and Renee Reighart, music with a twist of 60's pop melodies and cool 80's New Wave, we like this, we like it alot!!!!

Sweet songs and stories from the warehouse.......

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Now, I don't know if these guys have a record out, but, they are just too good to ignore.  Hailing from Leeds, the band have only been together for a year and aprt from churning out some excellent songs, they have had support slots with The Pretty Things and The Fleshtones to name a few.  The bands blend of 60's garage tunes is absolutely awesome, take a listen and hopefully the band will keep me informed of any future releases.

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