Friday, May 10, 2013

The Most - Auto Destructive Art. OUT MAY 17th.

The Most hail from Umeå in the north of Sweden.  Umeå is a centre of education, technical and medical research, they also produce some pretty fine musicians too as The Most testify with their debut long player "Auto-Destructive Art."

The band are not your typical Mod revival band as they have their music rooted in the 50's and 60's, predominantly, Jazz Soul, black R'n'B, Bluegrass, Rock and Delta Blues, which gives them a feeling of the original British invasion bands with a touch of the American garage bands added for good measure, which when blended together by the 5 members of the band produces something achingly brilliant.

The Most - Spiderman

"Auto-Destructive Art" was recorded using anologue technique which really gives the band a great vintage sound and captures the live experience on record that so many bands try to attain but often fail to do so, this album hits where it counts on all 12 tracks with no fillers or fodder in sight, which is a rare occurrence these days.

Sweden has produced some excellent bands over the years but I can whole heartedly say that The Most are one of my very favourite bands to come from these shores. I am absolutely positive that when they play Liverpool's famous Cavern Club as part of the International Pop Overthrow next week, they are going to win the hearts and ears of many new fans.  The band will be playing many dates across Europe this year to promote the album and I would strongly advise that you go along and see them if they come to a venue near you.

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