Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Souvenir Stand - Wherever You Go. Name You Price.

The fantastic Souvenir Stand are back with a new single, this time it is sitting amongst the stylings of The Ronettes and The Crystals  and just as they did of their first EP, they take you right back to the height of the 60's, sunny days and great music, which is exactly what "Souvenir Stand" make.
I absolutely adored the bands debut EP, "Days I spent with you" and I absloutely adore this too, the band have really crafted the essence of the sixties into their sound, it feels like they are literally taking you time travelling and I am happy to follow on the journey.

Of course there is a downside to this single and it is one that really upsets me, unfortunately there is just the one track, I am absolutely aching to hear a long player from this band and hopefully I won't have to wait long?

Stream and download the single for a "name your price" fee here: Bandcamp
(Be sure to download the FREE "Days I Spent With You" EP too)

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