Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Ocean Hounds - Thank God Someones Making Waves

The Ocean Hounds formed 20 years ago, signed to a Spanish indie label and released their debut album, "Thank God Someones Making Waves." The album took them, on the crest of a wave, to number 5 in the Indie Charts.
Listening to this album reminded me a lot of one of my favourite albums called "Keroscene Hat" by a band called "Cracker."  It too has a fantastic atmosphere throughout the album and tracks like "Heroine" are absolute classics, this album plays through 17 tracks of well written, well constructed songs with all the hooks, jangleness and tunes that you could wish for.
Sadly, after the initial success of the album and before things really took off for them, the band split and went there seperate ways and that is where the story ends.........well, no, after a long hiatus the band decided to reform and get back out there and continue performing their blend of new and original material, that, in my humble opinion, promises to be something really special and I think that it would be prudent to keep your eyes peeled for this outfit and see just what nuggets they will unleash upon us for our listening pleasures in the future, I for one, shall certainly be keeping a beady eye out for their next body of work, with twitching ears as well!

The Ocean Hounds - Market Town

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