Tuesday, June 18, 2013

3 Great bands to sign off with before my holidays with the most excellent,Travel Lanes, Too Much Saturn and Shelta.

Travel Lanes - Hey Hey, It's The Travel Lanes

Well, I am heading off for my holidays now for a few weeks, so this will be my last bit of blogging for three weeks or so, but don't stop sending submissions for the blog, as you have probably noticed I love the challenge of catching up with myself!
Three things I will be packing for my travels are the cds of the bands I am featuring here today, kicking off with the aptly named "Travel Lanes."  What a fantastic CD this is, this is classic Power Pop, I have been playing this loads this week and I am sure that it will be getting plenty of play during my holidays,
The band hail from Philadelphia and they have a wish, that wish is that you will turn out for a show, have a great time and buy a CD and help them on their way.  This is a band with great form, playing edgy, melodic tunes with a fantastic amount of energy, it would be quite fair to say that I am absolutely loving this.

I really can't impress enough how much you should grab a copy of this album, support this band and go along and see them if you can, did I say how much I am loving this? ;) Recommended for those that love the sounds of Elvis Costello, The Replacements and Nick Lowe.

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Download "Hey Hey It's The Travel Lanes" here: itunes and cdbaby

Contact the band for physical copies.


More classic power pop here with added rock 'n' roll style keyboards  for an extra dimension, if that was needed for a band with an album with the title, "Moving Forward Sideways."
This Chicago band tick all the right boxes, they have the songs, the tunes, the delivery and some soul too, which both vocalists deliver with an absolute passion and style.
This album kicks off with the brilliant song "Photogenic," a real kick arse, stomp along song, that will have you playing air guitar or air drums to.  Every track on this album has a great quality, at times I was reminded of The Cars more rockier tracks, I am not sure if that is the keyboards or the production, but I don't care, this is brilliant, another classic slice of power pop.

Once again, I am absolutely loving this, this album will be gracing the ICM stereo for quite some time!

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A very good friend of mine dropped a track on my facebook page from this band and I was absolutely gobsmacked by their songs and thought of The Small Faces immediately when I heard the track, it had the depth and style and what is more the vocals were really powerful, so I dropped the band a message to find out more.  Shelta have been treading the boards for some time and then split, fortunately they realised that they had something special and re-formed and thank f*** they did!

The band is heavily influenced by the Mod and Brit Pop sounds, but, there is something about this band that puts them in a different place from the other bands in this scene and that is the powerful vocals and the fresh approach that they have to their influences, this is rocky, soulful, punchy and bloody clever and whilst there is no album out, or even a single, this is a band to watch out for, get on their facebook page and lets get an album out of them, to sum it up, GREAT!  Cheers to Joey for the heads up.

Style and substance!

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Listen to more fantastic tunes here: Soundcloud


Right that is me done for my holidays, I will be back soon, take care and keep the faith!


  1. Fave tunes on the new Travel Lanes EP are Intervention and The Other Side. Great songs and an even better live band!

  2. Travel Lanes is one AMAZING band! These guys rock!

  3. Brilliant post Wayne. 2 GREAT songs by Shelta. Not sure which one I love the most. And thank god that your so not narrow mined like some djs I know. It's people like you who are clued up. And thanks for the mention it's made my day. Joey