Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hanky Panky - Precious Bitch EP - FREE DOWNLOAD

Winning best name band of the year so far is "Hanky Panky" from Nantes in France, but not everything in is a name, as we well know so it is a good job that this band have recorded 3 excellent songs for their first EP too.

"Hanky Panky" are a relatively new band so there is not an awful lot I can tell you about them at the moment, other than that they are one of the bands that are starting to put France on the musical map again, along with bands like "Crusaders of Love" and "Fuzzy Vox," in fact I can't even tell you who does what in the band, but, one of the members of the band Gianni Tremolo tells me that they use Rickenbacker guitars, Fender Rhodes and  a Hammond organ to get their sixties styled sounds and that they are influenced by some of my very own favourite bands, Teenage Fanclub, The Prisoners, Apples in Stereo and The Muffs to name but a few.

The three tracks on the EP are "Precious Bitch" followed by two excellent cover songs, "Bubble Skies" by Batmen and the best cover version of Buffalo Springfields "Burned" since Teenage Fanclub covered it!  This is certainly a band to keep you eye on.

The band record at home and will be releasing more free downloads in the year, they are also looking to start playing in Spain and Italy as well as on their home soil, so if you are a promoter in one of those countries, or know someone who is, then pass this link onto them and get this band booked, you won't be dissapointed I am sure.  Personally, I am hoping that they will make it further afield and take in Sweden too, selfish, I know, but I would love to see this band live!

Check out the fantastic video the band have put together for their track "Precious Bitch."

As soon as there is any further information or music available from "Hanky Panky," you can be absolutely sure that you will be hearing it here on the blog.

Contact, follow, befriend, like and love, with all you heart, "Hanky Panky" here: Facebook

Download the single FREE here: Bandcamp


  1. love this and can't tell you how much I love your blog! thanks to you, I've come across so many bands I never would have otherwise heard of

  2. Hi MIchelle, thank you for your kind comment, I am so glad you like the blog and the bands featured. I hope I can share many more with you. :D