Sunday, June 16, 2013

Strangely Alright - The Time Machine is Broken OUT NOW

The say you can't judge a book by a cover and I guess the same applies to promotional material?  This album arrived neatly packaged in a folder with a complete biography of the band, an introduction to each of the members, photos and an introduction letter from vocalist guitarist Regan Lane.  This is possibly the best most informative promotion pack I have received from a band or record company, and what is more the album is also delivered with the same amount of care and attention as its promotional packaging.

"The Time Machine is Broken" is the first release for this band, which was formed after Regan Lane found himself at a low point in his life sitting on Tacoma's waterfront with nothing more than a broken down car, an empty crack pipe and a nasty opiate addiction, helpless and lost.
Time passed and Regan changed his outlook and gained a whole new perspective on life and a chance meeting with Ken Schaff (Bass/Vocals) led to a musical partnership that would soon, along with Jeff Reiner, Guitars, Lee Gregory, Keyboards/Vocals and Preston Darville Drums, become "Strangely Alright."

Time, acceptance, taking action, living in the moment, forgiveness and invariably love are the recurring lyrical themes that are addressed here, with a point of view that could be considered spiritual but is based on the thought that basically you get what you give.

With Lanes emotional vocals, crunchy, chiming guitars, lush harmonies, swirling mellotrons and strings, "The Time Machine Is Broken" is both modern and retro with a colourful production.

With reference points of The Beatles, Jellyfish, XTC, Be Bop Deluxe and even David Bowie, this album will sit pretty with a wide variety of listeners, who, like myself, will be only too happy to climb on board and go for a ride through space and time and come out the other side feeling totally elated for the experience, and that is, "Strangely Alright!"

Expect to see this album sitting pretty, high up in many "Albums Of The Year " lists. This is an instant classic!

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