Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Seaweed Meadows - Ruins OUT NOW!

A little while ago, I went to catch some live bands locally at one of the venues in my adopted home town of Gothenburg, Sweden.  I went along specifically to see a band that I have been helping out in one way or another, but the band they were supporting were so good, I felt that I should include them on the blog, with one thing or another going on, I got somewhat distracted and haven't gotten around to it until now.
I was prompted to look into them again when I found out their latest single "Ruins," which was released in March, is climbing high in the students charts here in Sweden, which is no mean feat when you see the more established artists that the band are up against, and, the reason they are doing so well?  Well, basically we have a band here that know how to write a good song and deliver it with absolute passion and conviction as well as all being very adept musicians.

The band plan to release a follow single towards the end of the summer, which, I am told will be a bit "dirtier" and a less polished, slick affair than "Ruins" which certainly leads me to believe that it will be something exciting to look forward to and warm our souls as the summer fades away.  
After the release of the next single the band are planning for a long player, obviously, not a band that are sitting still.  
Seaweed Meadows have also signed a deal with "Amazing Media UK" which means that we could soon be hearing their music in TV and films as well as more airplay on the radio stations, so they are certainly going to a band to watch out for and a band that are taking the high road.

Seaweed Meadows are:

Matthias Johansson, Vocals
Jonas Oresten, Guitar
Christian Sundin, Guitar
Jonas Jansson, Keyboard
Terje Selnes, Bass
Johan Rask, Drums/Vocals

Download the single here: Spotify and itunes

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  1. Thanks! Keep in mind we're releasing a new single in august and we're getting ready to drop our first album later this year! Keep your eyes peeled!
    Much love
    //Mathias Johansson of SWM