Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ice Cream Man Podcast. Pilot Episode.

Thought I would have a crack at a podcast and see if I can use it to further help the promotion of the bands that I feature on the blog.  Take a listen and let me know your comments on it if you wish.  I had some microphone issues which are being addressed, but let me know your overall thoughts on the concept and the podcast itself.


  1. Rick: Luv the show! But it's hard to understand some of the song titles and band IDs. Can you 1)speak more slowly and precisely when you are ID'ing a song and band? 2)POST the band and song names here? I would love to know the 4th song and band -- National Ramblers?
    Thanks for doing this. Do more!

  2. Thanks Barry, glad you liked it and points noted, really appreciate the feedback.

    The 4th song is by The Nashville Ramblers and is called TRains, it came out in the 80's and is a superb track, sadly that was about the extent of their works.
    I did list the bands on the podomatic, unfortunately, you don't see them on this small player but if you double click it, then you get the full screen, the bands are listed but not the tracks, I will do that next time.

    Cheers again.