Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Super Tuesday with The Fadeout, Mooner and The Starkins.

I received an e mail with an introduction to The Fadeout and their new video, which, was so good, it immediately drew me towards their Bandcamp page and the album they released last year, "Shapes Of Animals."
This debut album from the band is as close to summer in music as you are ever likely to experience with strong 60's styled harmonies, uptempo, happy, melodic tunes, fine lyrics and songs constructed to wrap you in the warmth of the sounds emerging from within them.  I kind of wish that I had found this band, or rather, they had found me at the start of the summer, so I could bathe in the sun rays whilst awash with the glorious vibes, but hey, things don't always work out the way you hope, but the colours of Autumn will be glowing brighter this year listening to this album, whilst aiding the inner warmth that only some music can conjure up.

The Fadeout hail from Montreal, where they have garnered a healthy following, along with on the East coast of the US.  I can imagine that this is a band with a sound that will travel well from coast to coast in the US and into Europe, right before they take on the rest of the world, go immerse yourself into the beauty, that is The Fadeout, now.

Stream and buy the CD of "Shapes Of Animals" here: Bandcamp

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Official Website: www.thefadeout.com


Mooner, whose EP's we have featured on the blog are back with a new offering in the form of a Name Your Price/Free download called "Making Americans."
The Elvis Costello indebted single was recorded by Mike Hagler (Wilco, Neko Case, Mekons) at his studio, King Size Soundlabs, in Chicago, recorded live with minimal overdubs and the result is a fantastic piece of Power Pop tinged Americana.

Download the single here and don't forget to check out the bands previous EP releases: Bandcamp
(Check out their awesome limited edition T-Shirt too!)

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I don't usually feature bands with no releases for punters to go grab but these young men from Sheffield have a great sound which you can hear on Soundcloud (link at bottom) and I would like to share them here with you, they certainly bring a smile to my face with their songs and hopefully they will do the same for you.
Currently unsigned and concentrating on writing more of their own material, I have a feeling that their brand of uptempo, indie pop will be very popular once they are out there amongst the masses.
The band are gigging more and more frequently and say that they "aren't fussy where we play," so if you want to hear the guys in your area, then drop them a line.

Listen to more tunes here: Soundcloud

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