Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Judes - All That Is.

I often think how great it is writing a music blog and hearing music that I may not have otherwise heard if bands didn't send me their music.  Sometimes I get this worrying feeling that there is some absolutely amazing music out there that I will never hear, but, can you miss something you haven't heard?

Fortunately, for me (and you), this is one such album that we won't be missing, thanks to The Judes and I am so pleased that I get to share this one with you, this is absolutely sublime.

I have had this album spinning since it dropped through the door yesterday, I had heard one track previously and knew I was in for something special, but I didn't realise quite how special this album would be.

"All That Is" has flavours of Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Lovin' Spoonful, The Turtles, Beach Boys, Teenage Fanclub, The Byrds, but most importantly, it has plenty of The Judes too.  If this was a food, I would eat contentedly for the rest of my life.

The Judes are from Winnipeg, Canada and consists of Cory Pritchard, bass, vocals, Jim Anderson, Guitar, vocals and Michael Dickson, drums, percussion and vocals.

This 15 track album flows perfectly from track opener, the Lennonesque, "Bide Your Time" to album closer, "Sunday's Well" with its magnificent vocal harmony arrangement.  This is all killers and no fillers, to have an album of 15 tracks like this says a lot about the standards and quality of a band.

With the leanings towards the 1950's and 60's on this album, it feels like I should be listening to this from a vintage radiogram, instead, I am loading it all up onto every single media device I have, this is one album I don't want to be without.....and you shouldn't either!

Physical copies of the album can be purchased here: Kunaki

Digital download available here: itunes

More information on The Judes here: Wiki

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