Friday, August 9, 2013

The Kimballs - The Kimballs

Drummer Michael Mark and singer Tom Burns started making music together before they were even old enough to drive.  In college they met up indie rock guitar slinger Alan Tepper, and after a twenty year audition, they finally asked him to join the band.
The Kimballs instinctively tap into 70's - 80's AM radio pop, which they then update and abbreviate in their stripped down post-punk DIY ethic.

I have had this album, along with the bands debut album for just over a week and I have been playing them continuously, immersed in them, without skipping a single track, there are no filler tracks here, just  full on, quality power pop, real classic power pop.
It comes as no surprise that their blend of music has been included in award winning films and is also on constant rotation on college radio.  Is this a power pop masterpiece?  Yes, I do believe it is.  If you only buy one record this year, buy this one and then buy the bands debut album "Number One," which is also another prime cut in the world of power pop.  I know that is two albums, but seriously, do it! 

Stream and buy the album (Name Your Price) here: Bandcamp
You can have both the bands albums and the 5 track "Great Face For Radio" for a mere 15 dollars!!

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