Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ice Cream Man power pop and More Radio Show #51

The Allusions - Looks Like Trouble (Anthology LP) 
Black Linen - Mental (Unreleased Album) 
Propeller - You Remind Me Of You (Single) 
The Lost Boys - I fall For Everyone (Answers On A Postcard EP) 
Dirt Royal - Sick Boy Method (This Is Now LP) 
Jackie Edwards - Oh Mary (Single) 
The Lovers Key - Bright Eyes, Black Soul (Here Today Gone Tomorrow LP) 
Baby Scream - Haters Will Hate (Single) 
The Forz - Night And Day (The Forz LP) 
Otto Man - Pool Mobile (Coolest Ranch LP) 
Dirt Royal - Girl In The Shop (This Is Now LP) 
The Sick Rose - Lover Come Back To Me (Beaut'i'ful Losers EP) 
The Legal Matters - Rite Of Spring (The Legal Matter LP) 
Mothboxer - Take Me Down (Sand And The Rain LP) 
The Lovers Key - Maybe I'm Not Good Enough (Here Today Gone Tomorrow LP) 
Instant Flight - Go Ahead and Don't Look Back (Around The Gates Of Morning LP) 
The Well Wishers - Bring It Back (A Shattered Sky LP) 
The Assist - The Assist (Single)

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