Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #73

Don and Dewey - Farmer John (single)
Bj's New Breed - Baby's Gone For Good (single)
The Rhemedies - Leave Me Alone (Single)
Thee Mighty (Uptight) - Voodoo Love (Single)
The Stoplight Roses - Constellations (The Stoplight Roses LP)
Superminx70 - What Would You Change? (Causing A Scene, March Of The Mods LP)
The Wind - Can't Find The Words (Re-Wind LP)
Froth - Turn It Off (Bleak LP)
The Young Sinclairs - You Know Where To Find Me (You KNow Where To Find Me EP)
Joe Pernice - I Go To Pieces (It Feels So God When I Stop LP)
First Base - You've Got A Hold On Me (You've Got A Hold On Me LP)
The Greenberry Woods - Love Songs (Big Money Item LP)
The Zags - Tattoo (Single)
Finnicum - Come On Over (Texas Flashbacks Vol. 1 LP)
Froth - Sleep Alone (Bleak LP)
Rebecca Dry - I Saw You (Single)
Supertonic Sound Club - Cracked Up Over You (Single)
The Scene - Safety In Numbers (Inapropriately Yours EP)
Yellowstone UK - Melanie Paxton (The Victory Club LP)
Haymarket Riot - Trip On Out (Single)
The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset (Single)

1 comment:

  1. Great stuff, thanks. Couple of nice surprises: Joe Pernice's utterly deserved tribute to Del Shannon. Don & Dewey's Farmer John! (Try also Johnny Cooper's fine Aussie cover from 60s.)

    Et cetera.