Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio show #71

Fountains Of Wayne - You're Just Never Satisfied (B Sides and Rarities LP) 
The Elevator Operators - Duh Dum (Duh Dum LP) 
The Dying Elk Herd - Don't Let The Riverbeast Get You (For Real This Time LP) 
The Parasites - Please Come Back (Non Stop Power Pop Vol.1 LP) 
The Gants - I Wonder (I Wonder LP) 
Captain Hammond - Cosmic Candy (Cosmic Candy LP) 
Lewis Wilson - Mary's Fighting (Everyday) (All In Time LP) 
The Go Wows - Gimme Some Fun (Single) 
The Forty Nineteens - Out Of Time (No Expiration Date LP) 
T.C. Folkpunk - Here Crumbles The Bride (Lamest Fast Words LP) 
Gretchen's Wheel - Why Try (Fragile State LP) 
The Legal Matters - The Legend Of Walter Wright (The Legal Matters LP) 
The Dying Elk Herd - Times Of Peril (For Real This Time LP) 
The Royal Flares - I - You = 0 (Blaze LP) 
X-Ray Cat Trio - Something Died (Single) 
The Rising - Free My Soul Tonight (Single) 
Lewis Wilson - Blue Eyes (All In Time LP) 
Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons - The Night (Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons LP) 
The Dead Perrys - Hearts Ablaze (Single)

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