Sunday, February 9, 2020

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #332

Redd Kross - Mess Around (Show World LP)
The Junior League - I Only Want To Begin Again (Eventually Is Now LP)
The Stoplight Roses - Cannot Get To You (Baby Blue LP)
The Electric Stars - This Is The End (Single)
The Records - So Sorry (Crashes LP)
La Bella Luna - Mother Sonic (Single)
Brom Bones - Her Song (Resist A Rest LP)
Year Zero - Dudes (Heart Shaped Bullets LP)
Dee Rangers - No One To Love You (All You Need Tonight LP)
Jake Goodman - A Little Closer (Single)
The Deep Six - My Minds Eye (Single)
The Jack Cades - Candid (Perfect View LP) State Records
Building Rockets - Dearest Anyone (Sometimes Island LP)
The Pozers - Teenage Storybook (Crybaby Bridge LP)
Doojiman And The Exploders II - Out Of My Mind (Electric Boogaloo LP)
Popular Creeps - Why She Went (Bloodshot Red LP)
Pat Powdrill - Do It (Single) 
Lannie Flowers - Running (Home LP)
Brom Bones - Out Of My Head (Resist A Rest LP)

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