Thursday, February 27, 2020

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #335

The Ramones - Wart Hog (Too Tough To Die LP)
The Shed Project - One Shot (Single)
Pauls - On The Scene (Single)
West Coast Music Club - If I Had A Dream (Single)
Best Boys Electric - Heavens Angel (Ten Years Of Brett pop Affairs LP)
The Lillingtons - Oh Boy (Shit Out Of Luck LP)
Nada Surf - Ride Into The Unknown (Never Not Together LP)
The False Positives  - Caveman (Single)
Super Furry Animals - God! Show Me Magic (Single)
Ken Fox & Knock Yourself Out - One Less Step (EP)
More Kicks - Your Vibration (Single)
James - She's A Star (Single)
Arlo - Culture (Stab The Unstoppable Hero LP)
Reigning Sound - Pretty Girl (Home For Orphans LP) 2005
The Reigning Monarchs - True And Mighty (The Reigning Monarchs LP)
Lu'a  Gramer - Blenda (Destruir El Pop LP)
The Burghers - Poison Through My Veins (Ice Cream Man Compilation 2020)
Alton Ellis and Flames - Girl I've Got A Date (Single)
Bikini Wipouts - Wakulla Springs (New album coming out in March)
The Promdates - Hard to Say Goodbye (Beer Run LP)
Irene - Stardust (Single)

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