Friday, November 9, 2012

The "Ice Cream Man" makes a rare DJ appearance in Gothenburg!

The "Ice Cream Man" has been asked to spin some records tomorrow in store at Skivhallen in Majorna, Gothenburg, if you are in the area, come along and join us for a good eclectic mix of music and browse through the copious amounts of vinyl, in every genre, on offer at the store. 

Check out Skivhallen here: Facebook they ship all over the world, so if you are looking for anything in particular, drop them a message, they may just have it!

"Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!" supporting local business since tomorrow!

Ginger Brown - Who Scared Who

This is a wonderful album, if like me you like some trippy, psychadelic, sixties, swirling organ then have a listen to this.  There is an obvious "Doors" reference but look beyond that as there is so much more in the music and lyrics.

This is the debut album for a Wellington outfit known for their freaky and electric live performances in bars, lounges, masquerade parties, practically anywhere you can lug a Hammond organ. With a live recording circulating in the underground for a few years and a bit of radio play here and there Ginger Brown have built up a strong and mysterious rep and must have wanted to get an album out there pretty quick. The huge psychedelic carnival sound is captured well throughout 'Who Scared Who' with the skill of Nic McGowan from Island Bay Studios, but does settle at times in that difficult area of translating an energetic live performance into a mastered studio album.

 The skill of Lawrence Taula on organ is hard to ignore as is his vocal range stretching from high and forlorn to howling and deranged. Joe Dobson kicks out a diverse and talented sound on drums and must go through a few skins, while Matthew Armitage completes the trio on guitar with solid '60s rockabilly respectability. A slight tease of instrumentals feature, showing promise for these guys to deliver more sans vocals.

 Songs such as Boston Dance, It's the Weekend and Blinded by the Light deliver a real show of power for Ginger Brown and make them easily one of the most unique and modern/nostalgic bands about at present. I think in the future they could better focus on creating different music for their studio albums, possibly going a bit 'concept' and then, when they feel the need, record a live one. (NZ-music)

Stream and buy the album here:  Bandcamp

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Clocktower - Days of Rosey Row. OUT NOW

I was sent a copy of this album by a fan of Wolveramptons, The Clocktower, who was bubbling with enthusiasm for them and suggesting that I should have a feature on the blog.  I had already heard of the band but had only heard the song "Kiss Ya Glass" which is somewhat of an anthem for the band.
The first thing that strikes you on the opening track, "Nostalgica" is the similarities to Oasis especially with the vocals, this is followed by "Black River Forest" which is a cross between mid career Inspiral Carpets and Space, the bands influences are definately from the Britpop era and I for one certainly have no problem with that at all, they wear their influences openly and proudly, in amongst the dirge of music being force fed to daytime (and night time) radio listeners, The Clocktower are a real breath of fresh air that will hopefully wake up a nation of disaffected youth.

The album is mainly an uptempo affair but the inclusion of a couple of slower numbers like "Mr Wallace" and "Things will Fall" helps to balance the album out nicely, giving you the chance to get your breath back too!
This is the bands debut album, following a few EP releases, and I sincerely believe The Clocktower will flourish and grow into something very special, the songs are extremely well written and the guys know how to deliver them, and, looking at the bands photos on the internet, it looks like they are having fun and in 34 years of watching live music I have learnt that when a band is having fun, you will have fun too!

The Clocktower are a band to watch, I think the future could be very bright for them, so it is good to see that they are taking the precautionary measure of wearing sunglasses most of the time!

The Clocktower are:

Lead Vox/Guitarist/Songwriter - Ryan Evans 
Backing Vox/Guitarist/Songwriter - Ian Dowdeswell
Bass Guitar - Andy OBrien
Drums & Percussion - Connor Dowdeswell 

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Hear more on Youtube Channel: Youtube

The band are currently setting up wider distribution of the album and it will be available at itunes, and Amazon in the near future, for physical copies contact the band via facebook.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Nick Capaldi - Stanley Arms. Limited Edition 7" OUT NOW

With an album in the wings due for imminent release, Nick Capaldi warms us up with a very limited edition 7" single.
Nick's music is best described as everything that was groovy and cool about the sixties, with a twist of Power Pop and a touch of the now included.  From the very opening of "Stanley Arms" you are transfixed by the Small Faces type organ sounds, chopping guitars, powerful vocals and well crafted lyrics and melodies.  This is really super, uber, cool grooving music, but don't take my word for it, have a listen!

Nick is backed by the also very talented multi instrumentalist Gaz Owen along with Luke Watson and Thomas Hughes.

"Loving the new single, sounds perfect for summer"
- 'Whispering' Bob Harris - BBC Radio 2

"I love it! So much, that I bought it!!!! Really, really cool stuff"
- Brad Pemberton of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals

“Beautiful melodies and voice”
- P J Harvey

"Not Just a breath of fresh air, this is a gale force 9!!!"
- Chris Kimsey - Producer of the Rolling Stones, Ash, Peter Frampton

Nick Capaldi's album will be out on November the 20th and will be featured here on the blog.

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Buy the limited edition single, listen to more tracks etc at Nick's official website here: Official

Listen to more songs here: Soundcloud


Our friends over at POWERPOPAHOLIC.COM have put together this rather splendid compilation album following their very own festival and all the proceeds from the sale of the album will go to The American Red Cross in order to help those that suffered after the recent hurricane Sandy.

Bands on the album: Lannie Flowers, Sitcom Neighbor, Cliff Hillis, The Wellingtons, The Honeymoon Stallions, Rick Hromadka (Maple Mars), King Washington, Eytan Mirsky, John Laprade, The Heartless Devils, Joe Giddings (Star Collector), The Hillary Step, Dave Rave, Vinnie Zummo, The Turnback, The Toms and Klaatu. Over 17 songs for your listening pleasure! It’s a great way to discover new sounds at a great price and help those in need.

Download and stream the album here: Bandcamp

Visit our friends at

Friday, November 2, 2012

Larabee - Expose a Little Wire & Sunset Drive

 Let me introduce you to a band raised on a steady diet of Motown, Soul, British Invasion and tons of Nick Lowe.  Larabee are a breath of fresh air in a manic world, armed with little nuggets of country tinged rock and roll with some power pop sensibilities.  The bands first EP "Expose a Little Wire" was released last year, however, Matt Maguire, singer/songwriter/guitarist is no newcomer to the music scene, he was in a band called The Bensons back in the late 80's which broke up after a couple of years and after a decade and a half of absence from the music scene (the usual break of work and family) he decided to dust the guitars off and start recording music again and for that we should be grateful.

This summer Larabee released a new instrumental single, "Sunset Drive" which has a distinctly twangy  surf sound, something for the after surf chill out maybe? 

All in all, after listening to these offerings, I can only hope that Larabee go on to release a full length long player sometime in the not too distant future.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Phenomenal Cat - World of Secret Pleasure FREE DOWNLOAD

Phenomenal Cat release the tenth single in the single a month for 2012 project and they are showing no signs of exhausting the pace.  Bearing in mind that these songs are written, constructed and recorded every month, the quality of the each song is extremely impressive and "World of Secret Pleasure" is no exception.

Some bands take two years to write and record a ten track album of this quality, we have 10 great tracks in just ten months and two more to follow to complete the project.

Show the band your support by downloading the single FREE or Name Your Price.  The band hope to release a physical copy of the album on vinyl sometime next year so every penny made will go into that and hopefully recording a follow up album, although I think the band may take a couple of months break after this marathon!

Phenomenal Cats Tim and Dan lay down some brass in the garage for last months "Leisurewear" single.

Download "World of Secret Pleasure" and the previous 9 releases here: Bandcamp

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