Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Clocktower - Days of Rosey Row. OUT NOW

I was sent a copy of this album by a fan of Wolveramptons, The Clocktower, who was bubbling with enthusiasm for them and suggesting that I should have a feature on the blog.  I had already heard of the band but had only heard the song "Kiss Ya Glass" which is somewhat of an anthem for the band.
The first thing that strikes you on the opening track, "Nostalgica" is the similarities to Oasis especially with the vocals, this is followed by "Black River Forest" which is a cross between mid career Inspiral Carpets and Space, the bands influences are definately from the Britpop era and I for one certainly have no problem with that at all, they wear their influences openly and proudly, in amongst the dirge of music being force fed to daytime (and night time) radio listeners, The Clocktower are a real breath of fresh air that will hopefully wake up a nation of disaffected youth.

The album is mainly an uptempo affair but the inclusion of a couple of slower numbers like "Mr Wallace" and "Things will Fall" helps to balance the album out nicely, giving you the chance to get your breath back too!
This is the bands debut album, following a few EP releases, and I sincerely believe The Clocktower will flourish and grow into something very special, the songs are extremely well written and the guys know how to deliver them, and, looking at the bands photos on the internet, it looks like they are having fun and in 34 years of watching live music I have learnt that when a band is having fun, you will have fun too!

The Clocktower are a band to watch, I think the future could be very bright for them, so it is good to see that they are taking the precautionary measure of wearing sunglasses most of the time!

The Clocktower are:

Lead Vox/Guitarist/Songwriter - Ryan Evans 
Backing Vox/Guitarist/Songwriter - Ian Dowdeswell
Bass Guitar - Andy OBrien
Drums & Percussion - Connor Dowdeswell 

Contact, befriend, like and love The Clocktower here: Facebook

Hear more on Youtube Channel: Youtube

The band are currently setting up wider distribution of the album and it will be available at itunes, play.com and Amazon in the near future, for physical copies contact the band via facebook.


  1. You have a great blog here but I do have one criticism. You really need to do some fact checking before you post information. The information in this case is the availability of this album on amazon and play.com. It is not available on either site.

    1. Hi Jenkins, Thank you for your comment, glad that you are enjoying the blog. With regard to the availability of the album, I work with the information I am passed and after speaking directly with the band this morning I can confirm that the album will be available at these places, the band have a new distribution deal and that is taking a while to set up, if you want a physical copy or details of where you can download the album, contact the band on facebook or via their official site.
      I hope that helps, I will clarify this point on the blog too.

      Thanks again, I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

  2. u can pick an album up from Hmv in wolverhampton / telford / shrewsbury