Monday, November 26, 2012

The Smoking Trees - Acetates (2012)

Here is a lovely treat for a Monday morning, some really cool sunshine infused, 60's styled psychedelia.
The Smoking Trees are duo from Los Angeles, California, made up of Sir Psych and L.A AlAcetates is an all out psychedelic pop album that is decorated & performed in pure 60's fashion. 21 songs with over 70 minutes of music, which is full of catchy hooks, echoed harmonies, backwards guitars, harpsichords, sitars, and pounding drums. All of which that makes up an overall fun release to wind down 2012.

"Acetates" has a really warm sound and the production of the album is excellent, the songs are well crafted using a multitude of instruments and percussion producing catchy pop psyche songs that may well lead you to think we are just drawing into a good summer rather than into winter.

The official release date for the album is 27th November and you can stream and buy the album here: The Smoking Trees. Bandcamp

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