Friday, November 9, 2012

Ginger Brown - Who Scared Who

This is a wonderful album, if like me you like some trippy, psychadelic, sixties, swirling organ then have a listen to this.  There is an obvious "Doors" reference but look beyond that as there is so much more in the music and lyrics.

This is the debut album for a Wellington outfit known for their freaky and electric live performances in bars, lounges, masquerade parties, practically anywhere you can lug a Hammond organ. With a live recording circulating in the underground for a few years and a bit of radio play here and there Ginger Brown have built up a strong and mysterious rep and must have wanted to get an album out there pretty quick. The huge psychedelic carnival sound is captured well throughout 'Who Scared Who' with the skill of Nic McGowan from Island Bay Studios, but does settle at times in that difficult area of translating an energetic live performance into a mastered studio album.

 The skill of Lawrence Taula on organ is hard to ignore as is his vocal range stretching from high and forlorn to howling and deranged. Joe Dobson kicks out a diverse and talented sound on drums and must go through a few skins, while Matthew Armitage completes the trio on guitar with solid '60s rockabilly respectability. A slight tease of instrumentals feature, showing promise for these guys to deliver more sans vocals.

 Songs such as Boston Dance, It's the Weekend and Blinded by the Light deliver a real show of power for Ginger Brown and make them easily one of the most unique and modern/nostalgic bands about at present. I think in the future they could better focus on creating different music for their studio albums, possibly going a bit 'concept' and then, when they feel the need, record a live one. (NZ-music)

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