Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Biarritz Boys - Enjoy the hip, slick, ultra​-​violent and super sexy surfsound of​.​.​. (Name Your Price Download)

The Dutch, famed for their canals, bikes, tulips windmills and clogs now add surf to their attractions, not just any old surf, super cool surf music that will have you flocking in your droves to Amsterdam with your longboard and hanging ten along the stretches of the Prinsengracht and Herengracht canals.
Ok, maybe not, but, The Biarritz Boys play surf music that will move you into a state of mind that will make you want to grab your board and head for the nearest stretch of beach.

Founded in 2001. Played wet 'n wild surfshows all over Europe. Just finished a smashing new album. Ready to shoot curls on stages all around the globe.

- Enjoy the hip, slick, ultra-violent and supersexy surfsound of The Biarritz Boys -

The album is available for download for  a "Name Your Price" fee, as always, with this option, please consider making some sort of donation to the band, this will ensure that they are adequately funded to make more great music in the future.

Download and Stream the album here: Bandcamp

Contact, befriend, follow, surf, like and love The Biarritz Boys here: Facebook

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