Monday, November 5, 2012

Nick Capaldi - Stanley Arms. Limited Edition 7" OUT NOW

With an album in the wings due for imminent release, Nick Capaldi warms us up with a very limited edition 7" single.
Nick's music is best described as everything that was groovy and cool about the sixties, with a twist of Power Pop and a touch of the now included.  From the very opening of "Stanley Arms" you are transfixed by the Small Faces type organ sounds, chopping guitars, powerful vocals and well crafted lyrics and melodies.  This is really super, uber, cool grooving music, but don't take my word for it, have a listen!

Nick is backed by the also very talented multi instrumentalist Gaz Owen along with Luke Watson and Thomas Hughes.

"Loving the new single, sounds perfect for summer"
- 'Whispering' Bob Harris - BBC Radio 2

"I love it! So much, that I bought it!!!! Really, really cool stuff"
- Brad Pemberton of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals

“Beautiful melodies and voice”
- P J Harvey

"Not Just a breath of fresh air, this is a gale force 9!!!"
- Chris Kimsey - Producer of the Rolling Stones, Ash, Peter Frampton

Nick Capaldi's album will be out on November the 20th and will be featured here on the blog.

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