Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Los Autonautas . Lo Que Quiero OUT TODAY

I have been waiting to shout about this album since receiving a promo copy a couple of weeks back from the band, I have really fallen in love with this band after featuring their self titled debut album on the blog.
Once again the album the album is recorded entirely in Spanish and despite my ability to just about manage to order a cerveza (beer) or cafe con leche (coffee with milk) in Spanish, nothing is lost on me with the album, the songs are bouncy, upbeat, danceable even and bring a huge smile to my face, I wonder just how much more I would love this band if I understood them?

"Lo Que Quiero" which translates as "What I Want" (see, I am getting good at this!)  is released today and I am sure that they will win over a fair few new fans with this album, both within the Spanish speaking countries and beyond.  

Los Autonautas will certainly be landing in my top albums of the year without any shadow of a doubt, this album, like their debut is an absolutely brilliant affair, there is not a single low point on this album, no filler tracks, this is an absolute rocker from start to finish BUY IT!!!

The album will be available from Bandcamp to stream and download sometime today: Bandcamp
(The debut album will also be available too) Physical copies of the album can be bought by placing an order to the band via facebook or by e mailing the band at somosautonautas@gmail.com

Contact, follow, befriend like and love Los Autonautas here: Facebook

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