Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Riots

The Riots are three young men with an excessive lifestyle, they hail from the Russian city Perm.
After finishing school the lads made haste for London to indulge in the Mod culture of the UK, no doubt taking the 5.15 to the Mod mecca of Brighton during that year, they then returned to Russia and set about making some great music in Moscow.

Originally known as the "White Trainer Community" the band released 2 singles and a long player (all of which are well worth checking out) but, like all good things, the band came to an end after problems with EMI in Russia, but, with a serious passion for music the band rose from the ashes and reformed with a new name and a new drive.

This year, the band have released 3 singles, "Dance on your problems," "Out of control" and "Truncheons, shields and size 10 boots," all which have met very positive critical acclaim, both at home in Russia, their 2nd home, the Uk and all over Europe.
The bands mod sounds hail more from the UK mod revival period rather than the 60's, so what you get is all the energy and excitement of bands like The Jam, added to that is a little of The Clash, which all makes for something special.  If like me you were in the scene back in 79, you were either a Clash fan or a Jam fan, whilst, of course, liking the other band as some sort of guilty pleasure, The Riots bring all that together and save us the need for any guilty pleasures.

The lads have recently enjoyed a small tour of Germany and are planning more tour dates in and around Europe (Don't forget Sweden in there chaps!) and look as though they are going to set the world ablaze with their high octane fuelled take on all things Mod.
Work is well underway on a new album which is due for release very soon and it promises to shake up a sleepy and dour music scene.

The previous incarnation of the band, "White Trainer Community" should also be high on your list to check out, mixing the sound of The Libertines, Secret Affair, The Chords etc, once again high energy music that will be sure to get you in the mood to party like it is 1979 again, and the X-Factor and all that shit is still a long way off in the future, waiting for a certain size 10 boot to kick it where the sun don't shine!

Contact, befriend, follow, like and love The Riots here: Facebook

7" Singles "Out Of Control" and "Dance On your Problems" available here, you can also pre order the "White Trainers Community album too, which is set for release on the 6th of December:
 Time For Action

The latest release "Truncheons, Shields And Size 10 Boots" available here: Copasetic

As soon as the new album is released, I will put up a review and details of where it can be purchased.

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