Friday, November 2, 2012

Larabee - Expose a Little Wire & Sunset Drive

 Let me introduce you to a band raised on a steady diet of Motown, Soul, British Invasion and tons of Nick Lowe.  Larabee are a breath of fresh air in a manic world, armed with little nuggets of country tinged rock and roll with some power pop sensibilities.  The bands first EP "Expose a Little Wire" was released last year, however, Matt Maguire, singer/songwriter/guitarist is no newcomer to the music scene, he was in a band called The Bensons back in the late 80's which broke up after a couple of years and after a decade and a half of absence from the music scene (the usual break of work and family) he decided to dust the guitars off and start recording music again and for that we should be grateful.

This summer Larabee released a new instrumental single, "Sunset Drive" which has a distinctly twangy  surf sound, something for the after surf chill out maybe? 

All in all, after listening to these offerings, I can only hope that Larabee go on to release a full length long player sometime in the not too distant future.

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