Friday, November 30, 2012

The Barbacans - No Hits For The Kids. OUT NOW

Fuzz and Farfisa galore, The Barbacans, from Fano in Italy, really rip it up on "No Hits For The Kids,"  guitars chopping so hard and fast, they could clear a forest in under 3 minutes, which is ideal, as in true 60's garage style, not one song on the album passes the 3 minute mark, short, sharp and great!

The band recorded their debut album, "God Save The Fuzz" in 2009 at the famous "Circus Perrotti Studio" in Gijon, Spain and was released on the excellent "Boss Hoss Records" label, gaining the band media interest and wall to wall positive reviews.
During one of their concerts in Italy, two members of the band were shot by an ex policeman who was angry about the volume, leaving one of the band requiring surgery for their injuries, an experience the band want to forget, but a story that will stay with them for life.  The offender, strangely, served no jail time!
The Barbacans name is derived from local slang, with Barbacan meaning a bad and lazy man, which, when you look at this bands touring schedule, you have to wonder if they chose the right name for themselves?  The band have played extensively in Europe and in the early months of 2012 played Mexico and China.

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