Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #56


The Coral - Put The Sun Back (Roots and Echoes LP)
Ed James - Shiver and Shake (Some Soundalikes, Sometimes They Sound Like...LP)
The Ships - Hipster (The Summer Of Our Lives LP)
LazyEye - Killer Ooh (Single)
Ace City Racers - Waiting (Alcopopular 5 LP)
Grant Lindberg -  Let's Start (Acoustic) (Ice Cream Man Acoustic Session)
Grant Lindberg - Johnsberg Illinois (Acoustic Tom Waits Cover) (Ice Cream Man Acoustic Session)
The Royal Flares - Gonna Get There (Tales of Sound and Fury LP)
Bobby Fuller Four - I fought The Law (I Fought The Law LP)
SuperSiderS - Raining In Town  (Single)
LazyEye - I'm A Stone (Single)
The dB's - She Got Soul (Like This LP)
The Fabulous Wailers featuring Little Gail Harris - I Idolize You (Live at The Castle LP)
Soft Peaks - New Mean (Autocumular EP)
Carol Cooke - I Don't Mind (Single)
Ace City Racers - Different Angle (Single)
Blow-Up - It's a Crime (Easy Knowledge LP)
The Ethiopians- Free Man (Trojan Box Set LP)
Bob Kozak - What Do I Do (This Is It! Greater Buffalo's Greatest 1977-1984)
Dot Dash - Do Re Mi (Half Remembered Dream LP)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio show #55 TWO HOUR SPECIAL


Baby Scream - Ice Cream Man Theme (Single)
Supergrass - Alright 
The Fire Apes - It's Over (A Life In Letters LP)
The Who - I Can't Explain
The Primitives - Spin-O-Rama (Spin-O-Rama LP)
The Brittanicas - Got A Hold On Me (High Tea LP)
The Showmen - Our Love Will Grow (Single)
LMNOP - Constant Change (Elemen Opee Elpee LP)
The Ships - Want (Summer Of Our Lives LP)
Aerial - Go With You (Why Don't They Teach Heartbreak at School LP)
Stiff Little Fingers - Gotta Gettaway (Stiff Little Fingers LP)
Los Autonatas - Chica De Azuca (Lo Que Quiero LP)
The Kaams - No Food On My Table (One To Six LP)
Manfred Mann - Oh No Not My Baby (Manfred Mann LP)
Broken Witt Rebels - Cloud My Day (Howlin' EP)
Alton Ellis - Rock Steady (Single)
The Ships - The Summer Of Our Lives (The Summer Of Our Lives LP)
The Chords - I'm Not Sure (So Far Away LP)
Dany Laj and The Looks - Small Town Kid (Word On The Street LP)
The Whereabouts - I Don't Care (Money And Fame EP)
The Kaams - With Another Man (One To Six LP)
The Brittanicas - Lyin' On The Ground (High Tea LP)
The Four Tops - It's The Same Old Song (Hitsville USA LP)
Dirt Royal - It was You (Demo)
Sixty Eight - Dream Of Electric Woods (The Story Of Jack Moses LP)
The Lost Boys - Loser Rock (Single)
The Ace - The Poet (Sonic Snapshots EP)
Asteroid #4 - Let It Go (Single)
Arvidson - Feel a Chill (Demo)
Ash - Girl From Mars (1977 LP)
Floyd Dakil Four - Bad Boy (Texas Flashbacks Volume 1 LP)
Los Glosters - Club Ye Ye (Gritos EP)
Iggy Pop - The Passenger (Lust For Life LP)
The Jeanies - I Think You're The Wrong One (The Kids are No Good LP)
The Sharks - I Fucking Love You (Cocaine Radio EP)
Primal Scream - Ivy Ivy Ivy (Sonic Flower Groove LP)
The Clocktower - Kiss Ya Glass (Days Of Rosey Row LP)
The Ramones - Have you Ever Seen The Rain (Acid Eaters LP)
The Judes - Oh No This Time (All That Is The Judes)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio show #54


The Boo Radleys - Wish I Was Skinny (Giant Steps LP)
Mr Day - Caveman (Dry Up In The Sun LP)
The Curse - Don't Fuck It Up. (Single)
The Bitch Boys - Ghost Hop (Ride The First Wave LP)
Clocks - That Much Better (Single)
The Time Sellers - Hat and The Crown (Single)
The Bloody Hollies - Ice Cream Truck (Got It where It Counts LP)
The Lost Boys - A Better Life (Single)
Chairman Of The Board - (You've Got Me) Dangling On A String (Single)
Dann Morr - I Remember You (Shouting Into The Wind LP)
The Posies - The Longest Line (Faliure 15th Anniversary LP)
The Dowling Poole - Empires, Buildings and Acqusitions (Bleak Strategies LP)
BBC - Summer In The City (Get Closer LP)
Love - 7 & 7 is (Single)
The Wicked Whispers - Chronological Astronaut (Maps Of The Mystic LP)
Mark and The Spies - It Don't Matter To Me (Give Me A Look LP)
Dann Morr - Isabel Knows (Shouting Into The Wind LP)
The Satelliters - Seeing Is Believing (Single)
The Madd - Jump Now (Ongeneeslijk Beat)
BBC - Over You

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More radio show #53


Dick Dale and his Del- Tones - Let's Go Trippin' (King Of The Surf Guitar LP)
Nada Surf - Bright Side (If I had a Hi Fi LP)
The Jam - Absolute beginners (Single)
Kaleidoscope - Kaleidoscope (Tangerine Dream LP)
Trees and Timber - I know Nothing (Electric Gypsy Lovechild LP)
Splitsville - Dayjob (Repeater LP)
The Kingsmen Louie Louie (Single)
Horrible Houses - Sun Leaving (Family Tapes Volume 3 LP)
Joe Jackson - Is She Really Going Out With Him (Look Sharp LP)
Phonograph - California (Phonograph Vol. 1 LP)
Al Greene and The Soulmates - Don't Leave Me (Single)
Desmond Dekker - King Of Ska (Single)
Len Price 3 - Mr Grey (Pictures LP)
Horrible Houses - Reruns Of Zorro (Family Tapes Volume 3)
Vegas With Randolph - The Girl Hanging Out For Me (Single)
Broken Witt Rebels - Shake Me Down (Howlin* LP)
Astrid  Untitled 2 (One In Four LP)
The Most _ Beat Girl (Auto Destructive Art LP)

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio show #52 and a FREE Album Download!


The Small Faces - Watcha Gonna Do About it (Small Faces LP)
The Hives - Main Offender (Your New Favourite Band LP)
The Jam - Slow Down (In The City LP)
Blondie - Dreaming (Eat To The Beat LP)
The Lost Boys - Loser Rock (Not Arf it's The Lost Boys EP)
The Parasites - You Make Me Feel Good  (Non Stop Power Pop Vol.1 LP)
Bobby Fuller Four - Magic Touch (Single)
Julienne Clark - Three Goal Geoff (Single)
Jan And Dean - Bucket T (The Surf Set LP)
Nick Lowe - Cruel To Be Kind (Single)
The Who - Can't Explain (Single)
The Lost Boys - A Better Life (Single)
The Specials - Ghost Town (Single)
The Greek Theatre - August Streets (Lost At Sea LP)
James Holt - Whatever Happened to John (Single)
The Nerves - When You Find Out (25th Anniversary LP)
The Newds - Go Getter (Single)
The Kinks - Til The End Of The Day (Single)
Popular Mechanics - Wasted (Anti Glacial LP)

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ice Cream Man power pop and More Radio Show #51

The Allusions - Looks Like Trouble (Anthology LP) 
Black Linen - Mental (Unreleased Album) 
Propeller - You Remind Me Of You (Single) 
The Lost Boys - I fall For Everyone (Answers On A Postcard EP) 
Dirt Royal - Sick Boy Method (This Is Now LP) 
Jackie Edwards - Oh Mary (Single) 
The Lovers Key - Bright Eyes, Black Soul (Here Today Gone Tomorrow LP) 
Baby Scream - Haters Will Hate (Single) 
The Forz - Night And Day (The Forz LP) 
Otto Man - Pool Mobile (Coolest Ranch LP) 
Dirt Royal - Girl In The Shop (This Is Now LP) 
The Sick Rose - Lover Come Back To Me (Beaut'i'ful Losers EP) 
The Legal Matters - Rite Of Spring (The Legal Matter LP) 
Mothboxer - Take Me Down (Sand And The Rain LP) 
The Lovers Key - Maybe I'm Not Good Enough (Here Today Gone Tomorrow LP) 
Instant Flight - Go Ahead and Don't Look Back (Around The Gates Of Morning LP) 
The Well Wishers - Bring It Back (A Shattered Sky LP) 
The Assist - The Assist (Single)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #50


Buddy Holly - That'll Be The Day (Single)
Barry and The Remains - Why Do I Cry?  (The Remains LP)
REM - It's The End Of The World As We Know It.  (Document LP)
The Click Beetles - Bubblegum (Wake Up To Music LP)
Nick Piunti - Time Machine (TBA NewLP)
Attic Lights - Late Night Sunshine (Friday Night Lights LP)
Thieves - How It Goes (Single)
The Retreads - You Said You Knew (Single)
The Cry - The Last Thing That I do (Dangerous Games US Issue LP)
Phenomenal Cat - Modernism (Single)
The Supremes - My World Is Empty Without You (The Supremes LP)
The Plastic Pals - Travelling (Single)
The Artwoods - Can You Hear Me (Art Gallery LP)
The Youth - I'll Call Your Bluff (Single)
Modern Faces - Matter Of Time (Single)
The Poor Richards - Remember, Remember (The Poor Richards LP)
The Above - Ordinary Life (Waterbury Street LP)
Propeller - You Remind Me Of You (You Remind Me Of You LP)