Friday, February 3, 2012

Art School - Sound Gallery. A Review by Sabino Stanley of Stanley Road


Art School is a Power-pop trio born in Murcia (south-east Spain) towards the end of 1995.  Juanfra Godoy (guitar & vocals), Jorge Izquierdo (bass & vocals) and Paco Ruiz (drums) played together for the first time in and they started their never ending trip around Spain, playing their genuine, original music with a smashing attitude.

 This is the bands first Long Player launched in 98, and rumour has it, the best LP ever animal records have edited. They were always put into the mod revival, new wave and punk scene, although this album and ,above all, the live shows gave them something else, that made them very genuine. Within the songs here you can find true  anthems for the generation like “People talk about us” or “ I don’t care”. The band released three  albums  on three different record labels and played in Germany twice and once around the US east coast.

                      Art School- Sound Gallery (98)
1.- Tin Soldier, 2.- I Don´t Care, 3.- My Mind Goes Round in Circles, 4.- Another waste of time 5.- Leaving Home6.- We can work it out 7.- People Talk ABout Us 8.- Stolen Soul 9.- Sounds From Yesterday 10.- Meanings,11.-
See12.- Strange Days, 13.-Killed In Action 14.- Wicked, 15 My Little Treasure

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  1. Yes, great album. The EP's are highly recommended, but the second LP...

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