Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kowalskiy! Free compilation EP Downloads of Scottish bands!

They say all the best bands come from Scotland, well, that is what The Very Most sang and I wouldn't disagree and nor would Kowalskiy who has compiled over nearly 20 free EP downloads for your listening pleasure, and, it really is a pleasure from EP number one right the way through to number nineteen.
Kowalskiy is, supposedly, a "cult" Scottish music blogger. He's not really though. He does do a fine line in free monthly 5-track Scottish EPs mind you, featuring the best up-and-coming artists from around the country. There's 20 for you to wrap your lugs around. Enjoy!
 Download all 19 EP's free and discover some new bands here: Kowalskiy Bandcamp

One of the bands featured on the first EP are one of my favourites, Cancel The Astronauts.


  1. You Sir, are a very lovely man!

    Cheers for the mention.


    1. And you Sir are very, very welcome, keep 'em coming, they are great!!!! ;)