Thursday, February 23, 2012


The Cycle Paths. Formed in April 2011,the line-up is Stace Rose(guitar/vocals) Ian 'Edde' King(bass/backing vocals) and Andrew 'Bungle' Hardwick(drums).

 Stace and Ian had been messing around trying to put something together for a couple of years but both being guitarists, it was going nowhere.  Ian dabbled with drums to try and kick start things,but,despite being adequate, it wouldn't have worked.  Next up was the bass guitar for Ian,which he took to like an escaped con in a knocking shop!  Around that time Andy Hardwick asked on the off chance if the band needed a drummer. Thus The Cycle Paths were born officially(even though the name had been with Stace and Ian for 2 or 3 years).

 The next 6 months were spent getting songs ready until the debut gig,playing 2 sets to an enthusiastic crowd. More gigs have followed since around the Sheffield/Chesterfield/Nottingham area with the band growing in confidence and playing electrifying sets.

 On 22nd Jan 2012 the band went into G2 studios in Sheffield. The day was a success with 5 self-penned tunes turning out really well. This is to result in a debut ep due out soon (March) on Dizzy Holmes' Detour Records subsidiary label Paisley Archive.  "Last Tram To Halfway" also features "You Must Be A Devil" "Living With My Guilt" "Getting Better" and "Time To Say Goodbye." 

The band play anything from 60s garage to mod revival stuff plus they have their own takes on soul tunes and anything that takes their fancy. Such songs like, You're Gonna Miss Me, Frustration, Billy, The Magic Touch, Maybe Tomorrow, What A Way To Die ,Tube Station etc. 
The whole point of this band is enjoyment, both for the band and the people that go to see them. The band have a healthy following of people that go to their gigs, which usually end up in dancing and drinking and much merriment!
Upcoming gigs are-25th Feb,Three Horseshoes in Brimington, near Chesterfield.  24th March-Ashleigh Club, Clowne near Chesterfield.   25th April-Viper Rooms,Sheffield.   8th June-The Cremorne, Sheffield. 

You can contact and find out more about The Cycle Paths here  Facebook  and  Myspace

The upcoming EP has had extensive play on the 6 Towns Glory Boy radio show which airs on Sunday evening 7pm to 9pm GMT, so if you enjoy your Mod, Mod Revival , 60's Garage, Freakbeat and The Cycle Paths, check it out HERE


  1. brilliant article on my best mates band, thanks for putting this on, couldn't have worded it better myself!

  2. cheers pal,love the article

  3. Nice article... Thanks for doing this


  4. I heard them for the first time on last Sundays' Glory Boys Radio show...really great band. Nice to still be pleasantly surprised by bands at my age!

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  7. theyre all fuckin weirdos but i lo\/e the drummer and want his babies