Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Los Guajes - Life is like a Carousel. Review by Chusin Crochette

"Life is like a carousel" is the third album from the group, Los Guajes, passionate garage revival and Spanish sounds of the 60's.
For recording the third album, Los Guajes have relied again on the demolishing machinery of the Circo Perrotti analog studies, and have been back in the hands of the great Jorge explosion, which runs music production.

 "Life is like a carousel" album at hand, is a clear example of the qualities of this consolidated combo. Still apply the immediacy and freshness of the beginning of the band, and does not stop the imagination to make his lyrics sung in authentic dramas,  Hispanics vaudevilles .Their songs can range from a pure exercise in style as "Nothing in the world" to the vibrant melodies of "Carousel" or "See you is like dying", without neglecting its most villain in songs such as "Employee of the home" or "Marcelino" and without sacrificing the rawness more garajera of its chords in "Poison" or "nerves",or approaches to the psychedelia of "Crazy" and "Fiesta", or musical landismo who demonstrate, in effect more than ever in "Afine guy." And of course, if you forget, his expertise in recovering the classics, which in this example demonstrates a superbmicrogrooves and risky version of "Is It True" by Brenda Lee.
All this, combined with the excellent artistic design of this LP by John Roller.

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