Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jeff Melin - Smile Like A Lemon, Kiss Like A Papercut

SMILE LIKE A LEMON PEEL, KISS LIKE A PAPER CUT has the best record title of the year, bar none FULL STOP... PERIOD...if that wasn't enough, it's a classic US feisty Powerpop bounce-along, a little bit EDDIE & THE HOTRODS, a little bit ELVIS COSTELLO (with Attractions, natch), and a whole lot BESERKLEY... when Jeff gets to headline Madison Square Gardens THIS will be the tune the 19,522 punters scream for throughout the set... THIS will be the tune WINONA RYDER, PHOEBE CATES and MOLLY RINGWALD ressurect JOHN HUGHES for to retrospectively make the best US college flick EVER, solely to have it played over the closing credits... oh, and also features DOUG YULE and Helen and Steph from SHRAG, and as such is the past, the present and the future handily compressed into 2 minutes 56 seconds of MAXIMUM POP JOY... GRIN, SPIN, WIN... oh yes..

wiaiwya-7777777 is a series of seven 7" singles released during 2013, one on each day of the week, and always on the 7th of the month, in the 7 colours of the rainbow, with exclusive tunes from 7 of the most exciting indie, electronic, folk and alternative bands around... oh, they come in editions of 777 too... 

the bands and release dates are:

Thursday 7th March (yellow) – Jeff Mellin
Sunday 7th April (orange) – Hong Kong in the 60s
Tuesday 7th May (violet) – Darren Hayman and the Long Parliament
Friday 7th June (red) - Sourpatch
Wednesday 7th August (blue) - Pups
Saturday 7th September (indigo) - Comet Gain
Monday 7th October (green) - the Middle Ones

Find them all: Bandcamp
More information here: http://wiaiwya-7777777.blogspot.co.uk

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