Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Riots. New album and tour in March.

One of the bands that have me sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of their forthcoming album, an album that promises to blow out the cobwebs and give the music scene a good kick up the arse, for the first time since around 1977 is The Riots album "Time For Truth."

I haven't been so excited about an album release this much since The Jam released "In The City."  A pretty long wait I think you will agree and maybe it is the fact that this band remind me a lot of The Jam circa 77, loads of attitude and great songs, mix that with a touch of Clash and you have a recipe sure to please the bored masses and The Riots promise to bring this party to you.

The album is due for release on March the 6th and hopefully I shall be reviewing/featuring it here on the blog.  Watch this space!

Tour dates to support the release of the album are as follows:

06.03.2013 D - FRANKFURT - DKK Album Release Party :: versus C-TYPES

07.03.2013 F - BESANCON - Les Passagers du Zinc

08.03.2013 F - PARIS - Cafe de Paris :: versus FRENCH BOUTIK
09.03.2013 F - LYON - La Triperie :: versus CAVEMEN FIVE
10.03.2013 F - DIJON - Deep Inside Klub Rock :: versus THE CHEMIST & THE ACEVITIES
14.03.2013 D - FREIBURG - The Great Räng Teng Teng :: versus DELILAHS 
15.03.2013 D - MÜNCHEN - The Atomic Cafe 
16.03.2013 D - NÜRNBERG - Kulturbrauerei
17.03.2013 D - LEIPZIG - Conne Island Cafe
18.03.2013 D - HAMBURG - Yeah Yeah Yeah Studios
19.03.2013 D - HAMBURG - Yeah Yeah Yeah Studios
20.03.2013 D - HAMBURG - Hafenklang :: versus THE LAST THINGS
21.03.2013 D - KASSEL - Nordstadt
22.03.2013 D - BERLIN - Bassy Cowboy Club :: versus THE PIKES
23.03.2013 D - KÖLN - Sonic Ballroom :: versus THE MAKE
26.03.2013 D - BIELEFELD - Desperado Concerts
28.03.2013 A - VIENNA - Chelsea :: versus NORB PAYR + BAND
29.03.2013 D - PFARRKIRCHEN - tba
30.03.2013 CH - BASEL - Schiff *Mods vs Rockers*
31.03.2013 TBA - Secret Last show

Contact, befriend, like and love The Riots here: Facebook

The album will be available here Time For Action as are the bands earlier singles which are all well worth checking out, also check out the bands previous incarnation "The White Trainers Community" which is also excellent.

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  1. Wow, totally diggin' this song!! And I love that Rickenbacker!! Please let us know as soon as this is available. This is one I don't want to miss.