Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Sharks - South Of The River EP OUT NOW!

Never before has the term, "Throw 'em to the sharks" sounded so appealing and now the quartet from Brixton have added another absolutely rip roaring EP to their excellent catologue, you will probably throw yourself to The Sharks......and why not!

The first two tracks "South of the River" and "Girls, Girls, Girls" thunder along at a hundred miles hour, turned up to eleven, the EP starts to slow down on the 3rd track, "She's gonna make me go blind" which is less punky but still edgy enough to let you know they mean business and the more poppy approach of the band continues onto the fourth and final track "Tokyo."

I absolutely adore this band, their energy, the prolific output of quality Punky Pop and the fact that they play gigs in their home, as well as other venues, these gigs are set to continue every month, even after a visit from the local constabulary and a noise abatement notice (someone wasn't listening properly!) these gigs are set to continue and be a positively raucous, but fun affair.  If you want to get into one of these gigs, the best way to keep up to date with proceedings is to "LIKE" the bands facebook page.

Once again the band have a seperate striking image for each and every track on the EP as they have done on the 7 previous EP's.

Stream and buy the latest EP for a name your price fee (remember a small donation helps these bands to continue making music) here: Bandcamp

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  1. The Sharks are a rockabilly band. Wish bands would research names b4 using them. The Sharks 1st recorded in the 1980s.