Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Corner Laughers - Poppy Seeds

I have heard the name The Corner Laughers several times from friends but ashamedly I hadn't checked them out until now.

I have been listening to the latest album "Poppy Seeds" and I absolutely love it, it has some pretty eclectic reference points to these ears which is wonderful, it is like taking a road trip and deciding to turn left at the next corner, for no other reason than just to see where it goes!

This is very sweet sunshine pop, often reminding me of some of the classic 60's female fronted bands, as well as some of the twee pop bands that resided on the "Sarah Records" label, to name a couple reference points.  However the music goes much further touching on folk and indie pop, I even heard a splash of surf in there too (maybe not surprisng given the bands roots in California) and the lyrics are extremely well crafted too.

Listening to this album has encouraged me to listen to the bands back catologue, which is every bit as good and eclectic as "Poppy Seeds."

The Corner Laughers are: 
Karla Kane (Vocals, Ukulele, Percussion, Bass, Bell Choir) 
Angela Silletto (Guitar, Percussion) 
Khoi Huynh (Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion, Bell Choir) 
Charlie Crabtree (Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Bell Choir) 
KC Bowman (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion, Bell Choir) 

This album is certainly going to be one of my favourite summer time albums, it radiates copious amounts of warmth in every note played and sung, did I say I love it?

Stream and buy "Poppy Seeds" and check out the bands back catologue here: Bandcamp

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  1. The more uptempo output of Sarah records, that's a good reference point! The guitar sounds a wee bit like Peter Momtchiloff of Heavenly.