Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More (PROUDLY) presents: The Sharks.

A new twist for the "Ice Cream Man" today, the very first release in what will hopefully be the first of many digital releases under the title of "Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More presents......"

To kick it all off, I have chosen Brixtons ultimate Punk/Power Pop band "The Sharks" and selected 14 songs from their vast collection of music for your listening pleasure.  This band will blow the bloody doors off with their upbeat, melodic punky power pop!

The purpose of these releases is to promote the bands beyond the realms of the blog and get this music out to as many people as possible, and, for our own pleasure, of course.  Enjoy!

Many thanks to Paul Harvey, Davey Cane, Robbie Butcher and Will Udall of The Sharks for their kind co-operation with this first release.

You can download the album FREE or for a name your price fee here:

Contact, befriend, follow, like and love The Sharks here: Facebook

Visit The Sharks Bandcamp page to find the whole catologue of their amazing music here: http://thesharks.co


  1. Congratulations on your label debut. You picked a great way to kick things off!

  2. Cheers YankeeBoy. I never intended to start a label but felt so inspired by these guys and it helps with the bands promotion. Hopefully a few more bands will join in the fun, maybe I will try and pull a few bands together and release a various artists album from bands featured on the blog?