Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Jac - Record Store

After some problems with my internet connection after relocating 300 meters up the road, I am finally back in business, anyone reading in Sweden, think carefully before choosing your broadband supplier!!!

Kicking things back into gear on "Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More" is one of my favourite bands at the moment, The Jac, with their latest offering "Record Store."
Regular readers will know that the band is made up of members from Australia, USA and Sweden who send music files to each other through cyber space and eventually deliver some fantastic pop nuggets for our delight and pleasure.
Needless to say the, The Jac, have this down to a very fine art as those of you that invested in the "Faux Pas" album already know, and this latest EP continues the trend of fine music for the band.

The four tracks that make up this EP meanders through different genres (if you like to pigeon hole things) and not only delivers the classic sound of The Jac's Power Pop influences but also dips into a bit of electronica and country and their rendition of these styles is tastefully done and fun, bloody good fun!
You won't find Joe, Herb and Stefan in the same room at the same time, here is Joe in a room at some time!

The band have commenced recording the next album which is tentatively titled, "Whether I'm Arthur or Martha" which I personally am very much looking forward to.

In the mean time........

Download the EP for a "Name Your Price" fee here: Bandcamp

Contact, befriend, follow, like and love The Jac here: Facebook

If The Jac are new to you and you like what you hear, don't forget to check out the rest of the bands back catologue on Bandcamp too.

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