Monday, March 18, 2013

Singles round up.

In my attempt to catch up with myself after 3 weeks of no internet, I am going to round up all the singles that I have been sent in the last few weeks, starting off with this one from The Sensibles, which I featured last year and also finished in the joint number one spot with Bang 74.  Why am I featuring it again?  Well, the band have now decided to make the single available for FREE or a name your price fee. I absolutely love this EP and now you can too.  Go get it here: Bandcamp 
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Spires - Sterling

Now, if you like a little pop/psyche, then this one should certainly appeal to you, full of, well, pop and psyche, and done beautifully too!
Spires are a band from Brooklyn, New York formed in November 2012. Initially the home recording project of 22 year- old Matt Stevenson, the band has become more of a collaborative effort and now includes Andy Davis (guitar), Jack Collins (bass), and Ethan Snyder (drums). A follow up single to "Sterling" will be released in late February. For a list of upcoming shows visit the Spires Facebook page here: Facebook  Find the download here: Bandcamp

The Smoggers - Breaking Your Boots With The Smoggers

Another one of our favourites on the blog is The Smoggers, freakbeat, gargage psyche at its very best!
Truly the Finest Amazing Fuzzed Out Trash that you are going to find on a 7” TODAY!!! 
With Four Hyper Psycho tracks (each one under 2 minutes) you are going to be Breaking more than your Boots when you slap this rekkid on and have your own Beat A Go Go!  I'd call it Hard Core Garage!! 
Of course it’s recorded in MONO under deft production by none other than That Maniac Mike Mariconda !!! 

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Download the EP here: Bandcamp  400 7" singles were released for this, 200 in black vinyl and 200 in purple vinyl, all numbered, so if like me you love your vinyl, grab one at the brilliant KOTJ records here: KOTJ Records

Axolotl Daydream - Axolotl Daydream

Now, do we call this a mini album or an extended extended play?  It doesn't really matter, it is free to download so just go and get it, this is some pretty sweet, melodic power pop from Salem, Oregon featuring father and son team Tim and Isaac King, Tim is the father who does the guitars and vocals and Isaac is the son, who coincidentally laid down these drums at the tender age of 11!!!!

Go get the 7 tracks FREE here: Bandcamp

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  1. Thanks for the plug! Great stuff here - PS that Smoggers track is definitely NOT mono.