Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Partner In Crime

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos, from Detroit, have released an album that encompasses everything that is great about music.  The band display a real passion for Power Pop in the vein of Cheap Trick, but they don't fear to wander through the other styles that they are passionate about too.  You may think that for a band to take these steps into such a diversity of styles could leave the band with an album in dissaray, but you would be wrong, this flows beautifully and keeps the listener interested and mesmerised within the diversity within the grooves.

Jeremy Porter grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and as a member of one of the first punk bands in the area, The Regulars, Jeremy learnt, at the age of 16, what a rock bar smells like.
By the lates 80's he was living in Detroit and playing at clubs all across the midwest and for two decades he would front bands touring and recording the states with bands such as Slugbug, The Offramps, Fidrych and more.
In 2010 Jeremy released his first solo album, "Party Of One" on Toronto's prestigious indie label "Magwheel Records" and toured the US and Canada extensively.

Jeremy Porter - Guitar, Vocals, Songs
Jason Bowes - Bass
Gabriel Doman - Drums

The more I play this record, the more I admire the band for playing what they love playing and not just slipping into the shoe that fits, even though every shoe seems to fit perfectly!

Contact, befriend, follow, like and love the band here: Facebook

Visit the bands excellent website here to buy the album, hear the back catologue and more information:

The album is also available here:  AMAZON  CDBABY 

The band have several shows coming up in the Michigan area, so if you are in the vacinity, be sure to check them out!

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