Friday, March 15, 2013

Kevin Lee &The Kings - Breakout

Kevin Lee & The Kings lean on the rockier side of Power Pop with some chunky guitars, big hooks and driving beats pushing the songs forward nicely and are great to rock out to.

The songs on the album are extremely well written and produced to a very high standard and sometimes move at a pace that may make you think the songs are about something other than heart break, however, listening to the lyrics, these are very much songs of loss, love and despair.
They say an artist has to suffer for their art, and to produce an album like "Breakout," with its lyrical content, you can only imagine, but as far as producing a top quality album with some really touching, meaningful lyrics, Kevin Lee has certainly achieved that and we have gained an album of songs written with real passion and sincerity, not to mention energy.

On "Breakout" Kevin Lee and The Kings create classic, strong guitar rock/power pop with a modern edge.  The rebellious "Burn it Down" gives listeners the confidence to face whatever life throws at them. And, from "Gold Digger" with it's quirky low-key verse to the ultra catchy "Too Little Too Late," Lee's songs stay in your head and keep you coming back for more.

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