Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Singles!

The Starkwells - Monsters In The Dark

There is something about bands from the Asturias region of Spain, where they just seem to strike the right balance in their form of Pop/Power Pop and The Starkwells are no exception to this rule, ok, it is a rule that I made up, but I stand by it completely!
The 4 tracks on this new EP from the 4 piece from Gijon have everything you could wish for, strong melodies, some nice guitar riffs and very pleasing harmonies driven along by a good solid rhythm section.
I can envisage this band going from strength to strength and releasing a great album in the future, one to keep your eyes on!

Stream the EP "Monsters in the Dark" here: Bandcamp

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Official Website here: The Starkwells

What, Really s/t Promo

From Spain we travel to Italy to me "What, Really?"  who hail from Brennero Turnpike which I believe sits somewhere between the mountains of Trento and the plains of Bologna, anyway, this isn't a geography lesson, but it is a lesson into how to knock out some adrenalin fuelled power pop with attitude, this is a really great promo and once again, I think we can expect great things from this 3 piece in the future, if this is the quality of their promo then I can only guess that what is to come is going to be brilliant!!!!

Download the Promo here for a name your price fee: Bandcamp

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Official Website: What, Really?

Mooner - Unpronouncable Name EP

Mooner began life in 2007 as a bedroom project, in Oregon, of Lee Ketch, where he recorded all the instruments using some basic tools in attempt to pay homage to bands like The Hertbreakers, The Attractions, Television and Wilco, the type of tight rock that a solo dud couldn't be, in 2011 the band as they are now were formed and they certainly put out the tight rock with big guitars, hooks galore and a sound that equals or surpasses the bands influences.

Download "Shapeshifter"free here and buy the complete EP: Bandcamp

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Anna Bradley - The Last Great Day Before The Body Was Found.

Staying in the US, this time with Anna Bradley, which is not a solo artist as I first thought, but a band, none of whom are named Anna Bradley!
This is a great 4 track EP with a very big sound and a fantastic production, an almost wall of guitars type production, similar to MBV, Boo Radleys etc but cleaner-ish!  Recorded at Mama Cocos Funky Kitchen, the band say that: "we run sticky melodies built from a lifetime of listening to and living classic and alternative pop songs on top of a purring, revving racecar of a rhythm section to create something that attempts to transcend the simple title "indie rock." 

That sums them up perfectly, and, as with the other bands featured today, I expect more great things to come from Anna Bradley!

Download the 4 track EP here for FREE : Bandcamp
(Be sure to check out the bands back catologue too!)

Contact, befriend, follow, like and love Anna Bradley here: Facebook

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