Monday, January 7, 2013

Ballard - Little Rockets LP

Ballard is a one man lo-fi Power Pop band that produces some tasty bites of Power Pop influenced by the 60's Mod scene bands like The Who, The Kinks and  The Move to name a few.  To date, Ballard, have released one album, one EP and one Free single.

I can hear several other influences or similarities but not enough to take anything away from the originality of the tunes of the songs themselves.  I was pretty gobsmacked to find out that this album had been written and recorded in just 10 days, which is testament to the talent on offer here, as each track has it's own distinctive qualities making this an amazing debut album with no fillers or fodder in sight.
Darren Riley, he is Ballard! (Photo by Ed Lake)

I am not sure if there are any left, but there is a limited edition cd of this album which will include a drawing of yourself by Darren on the cover if you send him a photo, so if you have ever had a desire to be a cover star, now you can be, you just send Darren (Ballard) your photo and hey presto, not only do you get a fantastic album, you can also wow your friends by being the cover star!

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