Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Theme - Time For Change. OUT NOW

The Theme have landed, suited and booted and ready for world domination, with their debut album "Time For Change."

The echoes within the grooves here take you back to a time when music had a real immediacy to it, a time when the music gripped you and excited you, a time when music meant more. 

The band are the first to admit that they are not re-inventing the sound of the Mod revival and Britpop eras, they are merely the torch bearers for the next generation, saving our souls, and ears, from the mindless drivel that is rammed down the throat of the nation by daytime radio.
Fortunately they are not alone in their conquest, but lead the way with the likes of Len Price 3, The Past Tense, Stanley Road and The Electric Stars to name a few.

The album is chock full of tunes, attitude and style, also reflected in the bands very sharp dress sense, and will not only appeal to fans of the Mod revival of the late 70's and early 80's but will also sit very comfortably with those who had a passion for the Britpop sounds, the likes of Oasis and The Real People.  But, and maybe more importantly, this will bring a refreshing sound to the kids being starved of "real" music and hopefully revive something in the youth that makes them go out and check out the bands that don't get mainstream radio airplay, but, who like The Theme, have so much to offer. Time for a change?  I reckon so, and The Theme are making it.

Whilst I have not been lucky enough, yet, to see the band live, I am assured that they put on a fantastic live show, so if you see any gigs listed near you, go along and have some fun!

I often get asked if we are at the start of another Mod revival, well, if The Theme is what constitutes a Mod revival, I f*cking hope so!!!!!

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