Monday, January 14, 2013

John Larson - Songs About Music

If you have been missing the band, The Marlowes, fear not, former founder member John Larson has released a rather fine debut album, "Songs About Music" and will begin recording the follow up this year.  We think that this debut is a pretty fine affair and look forward to hearing more later this year.

The Marlowes with Little Anthony.

Songs About Music is the record that John Larson has been trying to make for a long time. From the infectious guitars that introduce the opening track, “Girl in the Band” to “Kiss and Yell” - the story of strangers who turn lovers after they meet at a convention devoted to the band KISS - it’s clear that listeners are in for some unconventional lyricism and irresistible melodies.
Songs About Music is Larson’s first solo effort after having fronted the Providence, Rhode Island-based power pop/rock band The Marlowes for eight years. The new release is full of the kind of down-to-earth songs with heartfelt vocals and engaging melodies that define his best work.
Songs About Music, is a collection of songs that were all written about musicians, the art of writing music or the lively characters who surround the music scene.
Lyrically, the stories and observations that Larson unfolds are among his best work. The track “Billy and Wiggy” retells a chance meeting with English folk rocker Billy Bragg’s brother at a Bragg show in Providence in the mid-eighties. Interspersed throughout the album are odes to Josephine Baker (“The Constant Caterwaul”), a lament on the lack of authentic country music in America (“They’re Not Writing Country (In This Country Anymore”), and the thoughts of an obsessed vinyl record collector (“Track You Down”), among the others.
“Although this is my first solo album, it was definitely a collaborative effort,” said Larson. “I called on a lot of my music friends, including a few of the Marlowes, and everybody contributed beyond my expectations.”
For this project, Larson enlisted long-time friend and bandmate Justin Capaldi as his co-producer to help him achieve the sound he was searching for. “Justin is someone I trust and feel a musical kinship with and he was great at capturing the sounds I was hearing in my head,” Larson explains.
Recording and mixing took place at Lunchtime Studios and Fat Trax in Rhode Island and Rich Sound in New York.
It only takes one listen of Songs About Music to realize that Larson has achieved the sound he was searching for – in spades. For perhaps the first time, the music Larson conjures up to support his songs is just as compelling as the stories they tell.

To listen to the debut album from John Larson and to find out more, go and visit John's very excellent homepage here:

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