Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stanley Road embark on "Crowdfunding" project.

Spanish Mod band Stanley Road have just started a funding project to help them release the bands debut album.

In these times where record companies choose to invest in so few artists, other than those that come from some TV talent show like X-Factor or the like, it is refreshing to see artists adapt the DIY ethic to ensure their music gets out there and that we the listeners get a diversity of choice.

There are different levels of contribution that you can make and the rewards given at each level vary from records, concerts in your home, local bar and even traveling with the band on a small tour with VIP treatment.

Please take a look at the link and support the band as much as you can.

The feature is entirely in Spanish, I used Google Translate as a translation tool, however I am sure the band will happily answer any questions via their Facebook page here: Facebook

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