Thursday, January 24, 2013

Men Of North Country - The North

It pays to have friends all over the world when it comes to hearing about good, no, great music, and I'd like to thank my friend Yael in Israel for turning me onto this fantastic soul outfit from Tel Aviv.

Amazingly the band was started by chance when DJ Yashiv Cohen was heard singing along to the records he was spinning at Tel Aviv Soul Club, this led to him teaming up with some musician friends and creating a soul band which stays true to the sound of 60's and Northern Soul, and as a person who is passionate about Soul, I have to say that this band is one of the very best I have heard in recent years.

Human Leagues "Mirror Man" given a tasty work over by MONC.

Working through this album, you can pick out the artists and the songs that drive this band from Al Wilson, Gloria Jones, Style Council and Dexys Midnight Runners, in fact "Ringtone (At The Caffs)" could have sat quite comfortably on Dexys "Searching For The Young Soul Rebels."  MONC very clearly and openly display their influences but also bring their own twist and freshness to Soul.

This is a fantastic debut album that will have you out of your seat and moving your feet, it has been made with passion by people who have soul in their hearts, it really comes as no surprise that MONC are being embraced all over Europes Soul and Mod scenes as well as in their home country, yes, they are that good!

Men Of North Country are:

Yashiv Cohen - Vocals
 Boaz Wolf - Drums, Percussion, Keys, Guitars
Doron Farhi - Guitars, Vocals
Jonathon Ydov - Bass, Vocals
Sefi Sizzling - Trumpet
Ongy Sizzling - Saxaphone
Ido Kretchmer - Trombone

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